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NiMB #7:News In My Briefs 11-21-2017

I Hate Broccoli

NiMB Tuesday 11-21-2017

All the crap you give a crap about.

Show Notes:

WAPO:Eight women told The Washington Post that longtime TV host Charlie Rose sexually harassed them.

Breaking away from the top news of the US MSM

Telegraph:Mugabe has resigned.

I read this as just a bit ago. We can now look forward to news about how this country is going to settle in under a new leader.

Plenty more at Telegraph.

Telegraph:Do not refer to female pupils as ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ because it ‘reminds them of their gender’, headteachers told

Oh for crying out loud. Slow news Tuesday at the education desk. Next!

Telegraph:Argentine sub carrying 44, lost contact

Thedailybeast:(filed under RUNNING AMAQ)

They Planted Porn in ISIS Propaganda, Just for Starters, Then Sowed Chaos and Confusion in the ‘Caliphate’

BEIRUT—Six young Iraqis are taking a strategy straight out of the Kremlin’s mischievous playbook, but with no thanks to Moscow. They’re using hacked accounts to attack the so-called Islamic State and fake news to disrupt its “virtual caliphate.”

Given the dangers they face, the six people who make up the little group calling itself, with conscious irony, “Daeshgram”—its name melding the Arabic acronym for ISIS and Instagram—are forced to live something resembling double lives. Four of them work professionally in information technology and cybersecurity, one is an engineer, the other a student—all of them live in Iraq. Their families and friends know nothing of their efforts to push back against ISIS.

How did this get reported?

RT:Google deranking RT news articles.

You can go over there and read that. If there’s something Google doesn’t feel you need to read you might have some feelings about how great that is. Let us know what you think.

Read that on RT and get their take on it.

RT:Amazon providing special region for intel services. 

Now my takeaway is that the tax-payer provided backup services of the NSA will not be available to the TLAs. Too bad.

I sure wish they would give me a mechanism to search my own stuff that I accidentally deleted. That’s a SERVICE our govt could provide! We’re paying for it already!

Again, the Ruskies have thoughts to share over at RT.

Dallas Morning News:ft worth officer shot seven times returning to the beat.

Fort Worth police Officer Matt Pearce is training to be a street cop again after months of recovering from gunshot wounds he suffered in the line of duty in March 2016.

“To not go back to me is losing, and I’m not about to lose. I didn’t come this far to lose,” Pearce told  KTVT-TV(Channel 11). “To not go back would mean that the guy who shot me wins.”

GQ, would this guy be a good citizen of the year? Or the guy that shot the Texas church shooter? Or the guy that was driving the pickup chasing the shooter down? The list is long just in Texas. Just putting up some options.

SPORTS: watch for NFL teams to signal the fate of head coaches in the next two weeks.

Finance: yahoo: Dow 23,597. And it’s a slow week.

Full moon about 10 days out. Start using your deer soap for thanksgiving deer hunt.

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