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NiMB #13: News In My Briefs 11-30-2017

I Hate BroccoliNiMB Thursday 11-30-2017

I’m El Dub

NYTimes: there is a plan for Tillerson to leave state department. If it goes as expected, Friday Tillerson will resign, Mike Pompeo will leave CIA director job and take over State. Sen Tom Cotton from Arkansas will step over to direct the CIA.

NYTimes: South Korea says Mine is bigger than Yours!

Foxnews:Jim Nabors passed away at 87. 

Nabors’ husband, Stan Cadwallader, told the Associated Press his longtime partner had died peacefully at home in Hawaii by his side.


Yahoo: ya hear DOW broke 24,000? It’s currently at 24,269.00

Briefly after news senator McCain announced a yes vote on tax bill, DOW hit 24,350 territory.

Apart from all the sex news, today’s newspaper is more hair than brownie.

I’m el dub

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