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NiMB 37: News In My Briefs 1-5-2018

Girl tongue stuck to metal pole

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TODAY:Meltdown and Spectre. US 148,000 new jobs Dec, vs 190,000 expected. Black unemployment record low. Food stamps down 2M. Trump allows drilling in US waters. RT quotes media subservient to Clinton-Obama interests. China tightens North Korea trade. Macron’s broken promise. Japan after-school care for children.

No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff.

I’m el Dub

Today’s hat is the maroon Arkansas cap.

We are not covering Wolf’s book based on the intense scrutiny we were able to give to the advance copy they sent us. Also it’s a hit piece and everyone quoted is coming out saying they weren’t interviewed or other credibility problems.

No hit pieces. Thank you.

There is stuff going on with Hilary and Comey that might be a hit piece or not but there’s no new news there yet. We’re pausing on the email mouth-breathing.

Meltdown and Spectre

Summary: you can’t fix it, you can’t detect it, you probably can’t block it.

Tune all network devices, firewalls, iot, for optimal security.

Windows machines have no automatic fix. One might be coming but you might have to manually intervene.

Apple. They have an update coming. Don’t worry, you can’t do anything yourself anyway.

Linux. Help is coming, but guess what, not yet.

Read this site for your operating system and hardware:

CNBC:US created only 148,000 jobs in Dec, vs 190,000 jobs expected
* Nonfarm payrolls rose by 148,000 in December, according to the Labor Department, well below expectations of 190,000.
* Biggest job gains by sector came from health care (31,000), construction (30,000) and manufacturing (25,000).
* The retail sector, however, lost 20,000 jobs despite the holiday shopping season.

CNBC:Black unemployment rate falls to record low
* Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 6.8 percent unemployment rate for black workers in December, lowest in the 45 years the data has been tracked.
* Unemployment overall was 4.1 percent.

FOXNEWS:Food stamp recipients down 2M under Trump, USDA figures show

USDA says Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), otherwise known as food stamps, dropped to 42,182,443 for fiscal 2017 – a decline of 2,036,920 from the fiscal 2016 total of 44,219,363.

The program has cost taxpayers about $250 million for about 2.8 million recipients in 1969 to a peak of costing nearly $80 billion for nearly 48 million recipients in 2013.

The numbers have declined in part because of the booming economy and because some states have restored work requirements needed to qualify for SNAP, Fox News reported.

The 2017 figure of 42.1 million people assisted is the lowest figure since 2010, when the program assisted 40.3 million people at a cost to taxpayers of $68.2 billion.

Wapo: Trump to allow drilling in all US waters

Oh that’s just stupid.

“President does something he said he would!” Next!

RT:‘US needs free press, but has media subservient to Clinton-Obama interests’
This is what the Russians are thinking about:
There is a long-standing collusion between the mainstream media and the people in power loyal to the Clintons and the Obamas, who tried to put Hillary Clinton in power as president, investigative journalist Charles Ortel told RT.

RT:China tightens North Korea trade restrictions under UN sanctions
Beijing has tightened restrictions on exports to North Korea, in compliance with UN sanctions against Pyongyang, limiting further oil supplies and banning imports of its steel and of other goods.

That’s almost a non bombshell but consider that China is the NK economic lifeline.

RT:Macron’s broken promise? Hundreds still freezing on Paris streets

When President Macron promised that the public would “no longer see anyone on the streets” by the end of 2017, following criticism of the way migrants were living in France, many people welcomed such a bold statement. Others believed it would come back to bite him – and it has. As the first week of 2018 rolls in, thousands of migrants are still on the streets of France, still waiting for a shelter more permanent than a flimsy tent.

Kyodo:Supporters offer after-school care for children in poverty

municipalities and support groups are offering after-school care for children who are alone at home because their parents have to work long hours or at late at night due to low income.

The supporters help them build good habits such as washing their hands and doing household tasks, as children from poor households often lack knowledge of everyday hygiene or households chores.

They believe such teaching can help break the poverty cycle.

DallasMorningNews/WFAA-TV reported last week that cops are under instructions to stop ticketing people for panhandling.
They can pop folks for other things, such as littering, making threats, blocking traffic, throwing a punch — things that are, um, illegal. But hands off the alms-asker.

Dallas famously had a city ordinance forbidding panhandling.

DallasMorningNews:65 pounds of liquid meth disguised as printing ink seized at DFW Airport

Federal authorities at the airport discovered the shipment of 100 bottles Tuesday. The bottles were shipped to Memphis from China and then to DFW Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said.

Investigation continues.


KYODO:Sumo: Top referee sexually harassed teen referee

Sumo’s top-ranked referee Shikimori Inosuke sexually harassed a teenage referee during December’s winter tourney, the Japan Sumo Association said Friday.

Shikimori, 58, molested the referee by kissing him several times and touching his chest area at a lodging facility after becoming heavily intoxicated on the night of Dec. 16, the first day of the regional tourney in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, the association said.


DallasMorningNews:Neiman Marcus names new CEO to succeed Karen Katz

Geoffroy van Raemdonck, a retailer with mostly luxury brand experience, has been named CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group.

This follows struggling times at the retailer. Don’t worry about Karen Katz following retirement, she’s staying on the board.

Yahoo: DOW 25,174

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