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NiMB 46: News In My Briefs 1-18-2018

NiMB 46: Wednesday 1-18-2018

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This is the News in my Breifs, From the I hate Broccoli off campus studios it’s your host, the Ghost of Chance.

Apple finally boards the Trump Train, sort of anyway. From the Wall Street Journal,” Apple to Pay $38 Billion in Taxes on Cash Overseas, Build New U.S. Campus.” After years of criticism for outsourcing to China, Apple will create 20,000 new American jobs over the next 5 years.

From The Wrap, “Movie Theater Attendance Hits 24-Year Low, Ticket Prices Rise Nearly 4 Percent,” maybe they should be lowering prices to encourage more patrons to come, but nah who needs them.

“Hungary outlines ‘Stop Soros’ legislation against immigration” according to Reuters, Hungary is tackling to problem of illegal immigration that is destroying European stability.

Coming to us from CBS,”Bonham ISD Cancels School For Week Due To Flu.” An entire school district is closing its schools just north of Dallas. Hope everyone is alright.

The Hill reports “Gowdy: Bannon has a credibility issue”. The South Carolina representative warned Mueller not to build a case off of Bannon’s testimony and then proceeded to tear into Bannon’s testimony as only Gowdy does and often.

Reunification? “North and South Korea agree to form their first joint Olympic team and march together in opening ceremony” according to the daily mail, they will be forming a Women’s ice hockey team together. I wonder how many of the players were once Kim Jong Un’s body guards?

This has been The News in my Briefs, I’m the Ghost of Chance fading away.

Tomorrow, el Dub returns to wrap up the week.

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