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NiMB 54: Aussie Day Flashback Special 1-30-2018

Aussie redneck, motor cylce, and sheep
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NiMB 54: Aussie Day Flashback Special 1-30-2018

Wallaby Bob covers the show today with a News in My Jocks for Aussie Day which was last Friday.

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Aussie Day
Australian of the Year awards: Quantum physicist Michelle Yvonne Simmons receives 2018 honour – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

This was the first bit of ordinary news
Aunty ABC is our publicly owned and funded broadcaster, a lot more independent than the BBC, and a fair bit to the left, bit not totally out of control.
Much better quality news from there but you have to use a left filter

Many thank yous to Chris Wilson!

We are back tomorrow!

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