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NiMB 55: Wednesday 1-31-2018

redneck bride's maids with shotguns
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NiMB 55: Wednesday 1-31-2018

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Today, el Dub has lost his voice… on his fishing boat.

Producer Tim sits in for his first NiMB appearance.

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The FCC says the Hawaii Missle Alert thought the threat was real.  The alert was sent out on January 13th, and after misinterpreting his supervisor’s instructions, sent out the alert.  When that supervisor issued the alert, they mistakenly said, “This is not a drill.”  Well, that was a big, “Oops.”  No one was injured in this incident, but the best part is that the operator’s name has not been released.

2018/01/30 17:31

A lady tried to board a plane with an emotional support peacock.  Is the range of “emotional support animals” getting out-of-hand?  I can understand a dog, cat, or even a mouse that fits in a carrier underneath the seat in front of you, but trying to essentially skirt by airplane policies and claim the bird is for support is too much.

I’ve never handled a peacock, and have only seen one at a zoo, but they are large and seem like a nuisance.

2018/01/30 13:44,news-26539.html

I started hearing Huawei commercials on internet radio in December and they mysteriously disappeared and I can’t peg a date on it.  Apprently, now we know why.  AT&T and Verizon are either canceling the deals or staying away upon fears of the equipment being used to spy by the Chinese government.  Who knows if they may install a backdoor to listen in on a few million cell phones in the US?

When I visited Mexico two weeks ago, I noticed Huawei billboards, TVs, and advertisements everywhere.  They obviously embrace it, so I wonder, *Why?”

Then I realized how much carriers in the US support locking phones for the duration of a contract where you can visit virtually any other country and get your phone unlocked at a corner cell phone store.  The ability to buy an unlocked cell phone threatens the mobile phone industry in the US.

2018/01/22 08:54

It’s time for the frozen Samoas and delicious Taglogs!  Those are my favorites, anyway.  I’ve already spent a 20 on five boxes last Saturday, threw them in the freezer and am hoping to wait as long as I can.  There are only two bakeries that make them every year, so the names may be different in your area.  However, I must have missed out last year because I didn’t know S’mores was a new flavor.  I’ll bet they taste just as good as a frozen Thin Mint!


Yahoo:DOW started at 26,209

Tomorrow: Expect producer Ghost of Chance to appear while el Dub’s voice returns.

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