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NiMB #9: News In My Briefs 11-23-2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday 11-23-2017


I’m El Dub

To start with, US listeners, the Europeans are catching up fast on shares and subscriptions! If this keeps up we will become British. Consider it a challenge!

Share the site with all your friends and ex wives. Heck. Put it on their podcast app!

Fox and AP:Argentina says sound detected in search for missing submarine is consistent with non-nuclear explosion

In the part of the world that isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving today:

The brits celebrate Black Friday! Who knew? In discovering it’s slow news so far, I found European Black Friday ads.

Shadow stats follow up:

I said I would look up October’s unemployment on shadow stats. The numbers are in fact improving. But by 1980 measures the US unemployment is just north of 21 pct of the population. Check out John Williams work at

Show gratitude every day and you will be happy. True.

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