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NiMB #10: News In My Briefs 11-27-2017

Monday 11-27-2017

I’m el Dub

The hill:Congress poised to jam through reauthorization of mass surveillance

The current authorization for Section 702 expires on December 31, and it’s the first time Congress has faced this reauthorization since Edward Snowden’s earth-shattering disclosures about the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance apparatus.

Passed in 1978, FISA allows federal intelligence agencies to collect the electronic communications of foreign persons to surveil for certain illicit activities, including terrorism

According to a 2014 Washington Post report, 90 percent of account holders whose communications were collected were not the intended targets.

The Hill:Justices to weigh cell phone privacy in landmark case

The government argues that it was well within its rights under the Stored Communications Act (SCA) of 1986 to get a court order for the records. The law allows this type of data to be searched if the government can show reasonable grounds to believe it will be relevant to a criminal investigation.

But beyond the law, the government is arguing that Carpenter lacks a legitimate expectation of privacy because he voluntarily turned his location information over to a third party when he signed up for cell service. It’s a legal theory known as the third-party doctrine.

Bloomberg:OPEC’s Clash With U.S. Oil Is Nearing Its Day of Reckoning

The U.S. shale revolution is on course to be the greatest oil and gas boom in history, turning a nation once at the mercy of foreign imports into a global player. That seismic shift shattered the dominance of Saudi Arabia and the OPEC cartel, forcing them into an alliance with long-time rival Russia to keep a grip on world markets.

Yahoo: DOW at 23,590

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