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NiMB #12: News In My Briefs 11-29-2017

I Hate BroccoliNiMB 11-29-2017

Here we go…

I hate broccoli dot com brings you the News in My Briefs.

It is Wednesday November 29, 2017.

And I’m guest news A I. I’m known as The girl in the white dress, from I hate broccoli dot com on the weekend drunk podcast. Standing in for El Dub, thee twice voted sexiest gravelly growl on the Dark Sewer Network. Sadly by a dood this time so that kind of cancels out.

El Dub is flying today so I shall whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

On NBC news dot com :Matt Lauer gets the boot.

This hit early today and we can expect this is the thing of the current news cycle.

I reckon you can’t escape it. Sex is in the news. I dread valentine’s day this year.

Could the democrat party be knocking out the Hilary, faith fulL?

Over at Fox 13 news: The Tampa Police Department says it is charging Howell E. Donaldson with four counts of murder in four shooting deaths in Seminole Heights.

This is thee serial killer we reported on previously.

Fox 7 Austin dot com :On Monday, 39-year-old Robert Franks of San Marcos was convicted of continuous sexual abuse, aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.

After adding up all the counts, the jury sentenced him to two life sentences, plus more than one-thousand years in prison, all consecutive.

Now that’s how we do it in Texas, boys and girls. If we can’t fry ‘em, we put them away for a thousand years with men who hate child abusers more than the rest of Texas. The Texazz prison system!

Telegraph:Bosnian war criminal dies after ‘drinking poison’ in court as he loses appeal

Slobodan Praljak, a former Bosnian commander, was attending a court hearing in the Netherlands on Wednesday morning. Shouted I am not a war criminal and drank a lethal poison.

Sore loser….

In Weird news:

The Journal of the royal society B… why couldn’t we get the Ay Team?… they report the Evolutionary history of enigmatic bears in the Tibetan Plateau–Himalaya region and…the identity of the yeti?

scientists have carried out the most thorough investigation of Yeti remains to date, trawling museums and private collections for specimens to test DNA. The results suggests the hair, bones, teeth and faecal samples all belong to Asian black bears, Himalayan or Tibetan brown bears.

I’m Calling total bull pucky. If they can’t figure out the breed of bear by DNA, then how in the world can ancestry dot com claim to know if I’m from Scotland or Ireland? B. S.

I was hoping to hear the Yeti’s name. Like pull back the curtain to reveal the Yeti identity as “Oh yes! It’s Joey!”

In Sports:

New York Giants dot com  reports New York Giants to start Geno Smith, ending Eli Manning consecutive start streak

I wondered why it took this long.

In Finance:

Yahoo dot com had the DOW at 23,909 this morning when I booted up. Maybe we will see 24,000 tomorrow?

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My funny expression is….If it ain’t broke what do you want me to do with it?

I’m el dub’s stand-in, the girl in the White Dress.

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