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NiMB #15: News In My Briefs 12-04-2017

I Hate Broccoli

NiMB Monday 12-4-2017

I’m el Dub

Dallas Morning News: Lancaster man branded a 15 year old runaway before forcing into prostitution.

Dallas Morning News: Trump endorses Senate nominee accused of sexual assaults: ‘We need Roy Moore to win in Alabama’

This author is reading tweets to us! No link for you! Next!

Telegraph:Britain ‘concedes’ on Irish border, as DUP says it will not accept a Brexit deal that ‘separates’ Northern Ireland from UK

Regulatory nuances would apply to Ireland equally as a member of U.K. Without giving on border demand. Scotland could also benefit from arrangement. More to follow as Brexit deal seems to finally move forward.

Telegraph:New York financier killed in Costa Rica shark attack

Rohina Bhandari, 49, a senior director at WL Ross & Co. LL, was identified by friends as the American tourist who was fatally attacked last Thursday.

She was dragged from the Pacific Oceanafter sustaining severe bites to her legs but could not be saved. Her 26-year-old diving instructor was also badly injured after trying to drive away the tiger shark.

Telegraph:Donald Trump to slash size of national parks in Utah to allow drilling

Oh, Telegraph. You tell the story in reverse. Shame. Let’s start with a late paragraph.

Before President Barack Obama left officehe designated more than 1.6 million acres of land in Utah and Nevada as national monuments, protecting two areas rich in Native American artifacts from mining, oil and gas drilling

If you read this article in the correct order your realize President Obama was simply blocking the US oil industry with these silly declarations. President Trump also spent a good deal of time having the area reviewed and it wasn’t a trivial decision as my beloved British paper represented it.

Sports: OU is going to the Rose bowl

Yahoo!: DOW opened in mid 24,500 territory the rolled back and sits at 24,464 midday

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I’m El Dub

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