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NiMB #16: News In My Briefs 12-05-2017

I Hate BroccoliNiMB Tuesday 12-5-2017

I’m el Dub (and this is a long one)

DailyMail:Late night benders and on-set meltdowns: How ticking time bomb Bryan Singer ‘disintegrated on-set of new Queen biopic and was fired after execs feared allegations of sexual harassment were about to drop’

Independent:John Oliver takes on Dustin Hoffman over sexual harassment claims during live interview: ‘No one stands up to powerful men’

CNN:Manafort worked on op-ed with Russian while out on bail, prosecutors say

If he was under a gag order and we assume he was, Manafort made a mistake. Although, this doesn’t smell right. Rings of a sting. Either that or Russian intelligence agents have no hope of interfering in the making of a quarter pounder.

660AM Dfw: rep Conyers announced he is retiring

DallasMorningNews:A police officer, Kenneth Copeland, 58, was fatally shot Monday afternoon while serving a warrant in San Marcos, about 30 miles south of Austin.

Gov. Greg Abbott offered his condolences in a written statement.

“Today we grieve for the family of the fallen San Marcos police officer, and we vow swift justice for the killer,” Abbott said. “The men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to protect and to serve our communities, and we will never forget their sacrifices.”

DallasMorningNews:Sutherland Springs church shooter didn’t have gun license, threatened mother-in-law

Non story. You do not have to have a license to own a gun.

Telegraph:Brexit chaos: DUP says it only saw proposed Irish border deal ‘late yesterday morning’

Huh? That’s not what they said yesterday. This is worth following and take a swig of tonic every time it changes direction.

Telegraph:US Supreme Court allows Donald Trump’s travel ban to go into full effect

Finally, President Trump can carry out the same order his predecessors were allowed. Otherwise, non news.

UK weather: Storm Caroline is named by Met Office ahead of 80mph winds

This was almost a story. I thought it was important but it turns out we now give birth to storms that aren’t hurricanes? It gets a name? This article lists names of future storms.

Bah, it’s a spring shower for Highlanders!


Oklahoman: Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson accused of rape in emergency protective order

Sadly this follows their weekend win and will take the steam out of the Rose Bowl.


Yahoo!: DOW took a slide this AM to 24,291 and NASDAQ tech stocks swell

Head over to – we have a proper iTunes link today. Click on the little hamburger menu and click subscribe by iPhone!

My wife told me her husband makes really good mistakes. Well, thank you, dear. Heh.

I’m el Dub.

*Intro and Outro music by Steve Combs and freemusicarchive used with permission by attribution under CC3 and CC2

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