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NiMB #18: News In My Briefs 12-07-2017

I Hate BroccoliNiMB Thursday 12-07-2017

I’m el Dub

Brietbart:Alarmist scientists have been caught red-handed tampering with raw data in order to exaggerate sea level rise.

Link to paper:

Defenseone:Newly Revealed Experiment Shows How F-35 Could Help Intercept ICBMs

CNN: Al Franken Announces Upcoming Resignation in Murky Statement at US Senate

Telegraph: Boris Johnson fires warning shot at Theresa May as he says ‘whole of UK must take back control’ after Brexit

In an apparent warning against offering special status to Northern Ireland or other areas of the country, the Foreign Secretary said that all parts of Britain must have control over the country’s borders, laws and money.

Telegraph:Irish PM says Theresa May could present new text on border deal ‘tonight or tomorrow

DallasMorningNews:2 Dallas officers helped nightclub magnate who laundered money, allowed drug sales, feds say

Two Dallas police officers–who each served some 20 years–used their positions to benefit Hinojosa, his 40 clubs across North Texas and his illegal activities, which included money laundering and profiting from customers who bought drugs at his businesses, according to the indictment.

Hinojosa; the officers, who worked for him while off duty; and eight others were indicted.

Sports day:Landing Shohei Ohtani could lead to Rangers doing something baseball has never seen

The Rangers have been reworking their pitching lineup in the off season. Following signing Mike Minor, scouts are looking to Japan for their next addition to the Arlington team.

Yahoo: DOW 24,247

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This has been the News in My Briefs from IHATEBROCCOLI.COM.

I just saw a woman with a dog. The dog was pointing at the squirrel with his nose. The woman was pointing at her phone with her nose.

I’m el Dub.

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