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NiMB #19: News In My Briefs 12-08-2017

I Hate Broccoli

NiMB Friday 12-8-2017

TODAY: Jobs climb in USA. Unemployment rate steady. Brexit News. And a longer segment of news to expect this weekend and beyond.

I’m el Dub

CNBC:November nonfarm payrolls rise 228,000 vs. 200,000 est.

  • Nonfarm payrolls grew by 228,000 in November and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.1 percent. Economists expected 200,000 new jobs and an unchanged headline rate.
  • Wage growth again disappointed, with average hourly earnings up just 2.5 percent annualized, compared with estimates of 2.7 percent.
  • Investors still expect the Fed to hike interest rates at its meeting next week.

We look forward to the interpretation by shadowstats’ John Williams. He uses more effective numbers to tell us where we really are but the uptick is positive regardless. We are hoping to see alt actual unemployment to continue falling lower than 21.6pct.

Gatewaypundit:Trump Jobs Numbers Out: Unemployment at 17 year Low, 2.2 Million New Jobs Since Election, More Americans Working than Ever!

Up front, not by percentage on the ever bit. But otherwise by shadowstats they are trending in the right direction.

Back to the cheerleading:

President Trump’s Economy is Simply “On Fire”.

Job numbers released today through the end of November show an increase of 2.2 million jobs since last years election and an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent. After the same period under Obama, (4.8) million jobs were lost and unemployment skyrocketed to 9.9 percent!

Might actually be true. Read the article for charts. No mouth breathing please.

BusinessInsider: similar piece, less cheerleading.

President has a physical in January. They all do. Not even reading it. Non news.

Muslim world riots, hates USA. You don’t say. I had NEVER heard that before Non news.

AP:UK, EU claim Brexit breakthrough; eye talks on future ties

The agreement is intentionally vague on key points, and some of the details appeared to be mutually contradictory.

On the one hand, Britain promises to withdraw from the EU single market and the broader customs union. On the other, the agreement says there will be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, although the former will remain within the EU single market and the latter in the UK.

This agreement basically agrees to fight more later.,-EU-claim-Brexit-breakthrough;-eye-talks-on-future-ties

Dailywire: Sheriff Joe: I Might Run For Senate In Arizona

Dailywire:’X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused Of Raping 17-Year-Old Boy

Another lawsuit filed against famous director alleging misconduct with teen boy.

News to watch:

Peter Kirsanow:

US civil rights commission

In New York, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, California 5400 illegal immigrants imprisoned for murder.

NY 300pct greater that illegal aliens commit murder over that of a citizen.

This manually coordinated data invalidates my understanding so incredibly I am sharing a radio interview played for me. Peter is on about 15 min in.


September 28

Ousted former Thai Prime Minister ‘is in London and seeking asylum in the UK’ after fleeing Bangkok to avoid being jailed over a rice scandal

Where is she now?

Nov 1 

UK has not granted asylum to Yingluck

Corey Feldman:

Dailywire:VINDICATED: Santa Barbara Police Find 1993 Tape Of Corey Feldman Speaking Of Being Sexually Abused In Hollywood

If I were elected king: Some entire PDs need a budget flip. Burns my ass like chili made with nothing but ghost and Asian peppers.

Roy Moore :

do you wake up in the morning with a belly ache over how the south will vote? 

Politics ignored, let me tell you a bedtime story about people that think they are above the law…

Sara A Carter:

Investigative reporter. I’m looking for her latest Mueller and uranium one papers. FYI.


UsaToday:Drew Brees blasts Thursday NFL games after several Saints suffer injuries

Brees said Thursday games are “absolutely” unsafe — due to little rest players receive after Sunday games — and he thinks the NFL’s high injury rate is “One-hundred percent a product of playing on Thursday night.”


Yahoo!: DOW inching up again now at 24,285

IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of headlines you care about without all the native ads and junk that will make you sick to your stomach.

No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff – except for the sake of cheap tricks.

This has been the News in My Briefs from IHATEBROCCOLI.COM.

Intelligence in this country would increase if we told all the educated people to try duck tape for birth control.

I’m el Dub.

*Intro and Outro music by Steve Combs and freemusicarchive used with permission by attribution under CC3 and CC2

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