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NiMB 21: News In My Briefs 12-12-2017

I Hate BroccoliNiMB Tuesday 12-12-2017

TODAY: El Dub is back, Plane drops ice on couple’s bed, Interstate batteries get a charge, Christmas donations on fire, everything is Trump’s fault. And please remember California as the fires rage on.

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I’m el Dub

Thanks to the Ghost of Chance for filling in for me yesterday.

One way or the other this is the end of the world today and it will be all Trump’s fault. There, you don’t have to read or watch any network news. Enjoy your Tuesday.

AL:If you want to watch something cute watch a little girl interview Roy Moore.

CBS: Ice From Plane Causes ‘Horrendous Boom’ For Couple Watching TV

Ice from a plane’s galley leaked, froze and fell through a couple house and bed. Literally. They are thankful it isn’t blue ice.

‘What In The World?’ Ice From Plane Causes ‘Horrendous Boom’ For Couple Watching TV

DallasMorningNews: Dallas’ Interstate Batteries jumps from a 200-store presence to 5,000 with Advance Auto Parts deal

DallasMorningNews:Fire destroys Dallas nonprofit’s Christmas donations, but there’s hope — and a way to help

Quest 4 Greater Success was planning to distribute food and toys to 54 families on Tuesday, but a two-alarm fire destroyed the nonprofit’s southeast Dallas office and the gifts it had collected.

The fire investigation continues. Quest is asking for help on their Facebook page.

Telegraph: Frozen Britain facing energy crisis as gas plant explosion raises prices by a third

The shutdown of the North Sea’s most important oil and gas pipeline system on Monday has been compounded by a spectacular explosion at a major gas processing facility in Austria called Baumgarten, which is the main point of entry for Russian gas into Europe.

Prices across the continent, which imports a third of all its gas from Russia, rocketed in the immediate aftermath of the blast, which left one person dead and 18 injured.

Dailywire:NFL Network Rocked By Sexual Harassment Lawsuit: Three Analysts Suspended

Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, and Ike Taylor suspended “pending an investigation into these allegations.”

Others named by Cantor include Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, and Eric Weinberger


CBS:Tom Brady Nay-Sayers Out In Full Force After Monday Night Loss

Last night’s Patriot loss to the Dolphins added fuel to the fire of people aching for the end of the aging quarterback’s career. The article quickly breaks down into tweet reading which isn’t journalism.

If you go read it, tell me what the heck that headline means! I don’t think it’s English.

Tom Brady Hot Takes Out In Full Force After Monday Night Loss


Yahoo: DOW is right now 24,522. Might be a record. Again.

In case you missed it zone:
Online stories that popped up that we didn’t bring up on the podcast.

Gatewaypundit: WE CALLED IT! Gloria Allred Accuser **ADMITS** She Tampered With Roy Moore’s Yearbook ‘Signature’ (VIDEO)

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson ‘scared to go anywhere’ since her sexual assault allegation

GMA : “Nelson says she did make notes to [Moore’s] inscription, but the message was all Roy Moore.”
ABC HOST: “Beverly, he did sign your yearbook.”
NELSON: “He did sign it.”
ABC HOST: “And you made some notes underneath?”
NELSON: “Yes.”

Here’s the letter where Office of Compliance omits a $200k sexual harassment settlement, even though it’s the office that approved it. Helsinki Commission no-comments & kicks back to House “employment office.” This is an incredible game of hide the ball.

TELEGRAPH:Trump’s decision on Jerusalem shatters the Palestinian old guard

For more than 20 years, Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian’s chief peace negotiator, has chased the dream of a two-state solution and the hope of an independent Palestinian state.
He followed it to the White House under four different US presidents, haggled over it in secret and public negotiations with hard faced Israeli negotiators, and defended it against sceptical Palestinians on the streets of Jericho.
But in the minutes after Donald Trump’s announcement that the US was recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Mr Erekat stood in front of the television cameras and concluded that his dream of two decades was finally dead.
“Unfortunately, President Trump just destroyed any possibility of two states,” he said in a quivering voice.
The US decision on Jerusalem has shattered Mr Erekat and other members of the Palestinian leadership’s old guard, leaving them reeling and uncertain of where to try to lead their people next.

LOL! Since WHEN?


REUTERS:Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa swears in new cabinet amid criticism for giving top posts to generals who helped his rise to power

AFP news agency‏Verified account @AFP
Honduras opposition demands “rigged” vote be canceled

House Republicans‏Verified account @HouseGOP
The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. Your driver’s license isn’t invalidated when you cross state lines… your concealed carry permit shouldn’t be, either. #2A

Shoot over to for our excellent show notes which include the weekend’s in case you missed it zone.

You can hear my field and stream report tomorrow night on the Nicktherat show. Check it out.

IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of headlines you care about without all the native ads and junk that will make you sick to your stomach.

No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff – except for the sake of cheap tricks.

This has been the News in My Briefs from IHATEBROCCOLI.COM.

I think Asian womerns is telegraphic.

I’m el Dub.

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