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NiMB 25: News In My Briefs 12-18-2017

mosses drinking beer, driving truck, hunter sta[[ed to roof.NiMB Monday 12-18-2017

TODAY: Amtrak derails onto Tacoma I5 freeway. Skipper resigns ESPN president. US judge steps down, accusations. NBC Pays Staffer, Claim Against Matthews.

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We are bumping the in-case-you-missed-it segment to tomorrow.

CNBC:Amtrak train derails near Seattle onto the I-5 freeway

For people outside the states:Amtrak is our mass transit train system that covers long distances generally capable carrying lots and lots of people.

* An Amtrak passenger train derailed onto the I-5 freeway outside of Seattle.
* First responders are treating the incident as a mass casualty, according to KIRO 7.
* All lanes of the southbound freeway are closed, the Washington State Department of Transportation said.

ESPN: John Skipper resigns as ESPN president, George Bodenheimer takes over as acting chairman

Possibly unrelated, Disney has been putting people quietly out of their positions for various kinds of “treatment” so questions bubble up faster than answers.

Wapo:US judge steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct

Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a statement that a battle over the accusations would not be good for the judiciary. He said he’ll step down, effective immediately.

The Washington Post reported last week that at least 15 women made allegations against Kozinski that go back decades. The allegations include inappropriate touching and lewd comments.

Orange country register:Gene Simmons Denies Any Wrongdoing Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Plans to Defend Himself

A radio and television broadcaster on Friday, Dec. 15, sued musician and Rock & Brews restaurant co-founder Gene Simmons, alleging Simmons made unwarranted sexual advances during an on-camera interview Nov. 1 at the restaurant’s San Manuel Casino location in Highland.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges the plaintiff, identified as “Jane Doe,” arrived with her crew at the restaurant, which was celebrating its recent expansion at the casino, to interview Simmons and his longtime Kiss band mate and Rock & Brews co-founder, Paul Stanley.

According to the lawsuit, during the interview, which occurred on a couch in a designated “green room,” Simmons reached over and grabbed the woman’s hand and “forcefully placed it on his knee and held it on his knee.” The lawsuit states the woman immediately removed her hand from Simmons’ knee.

DailyCaller:NBC Made Payment To Staffer After Sexual Harassment Claim Against Chris Matthews

Foxnews:NBC silent on whether MSNBC’s Chris Matthews could face other sexual harassment accusations


An underground fire caused a complete power outage Sunday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, resulting in thousands of canceled flights at the world’s busiest terminal and affecting travelers worldwide.

Sun: Amazon faces probe by watchdog over delayed Christmas gifts as customers complain they’ve been ‘duped’ into paying premium

Customers forked out extra for the online giant’s Prime service to get their deliveries before the 25th but some say packages have taken twice as long as the promised two-day time slot

CBSDETROIT:Did Worker Find Human Organs At Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant?

It could be a month before experts can determine the origin of what’s thought to be human organs found at a Detroit wastewater treatment plant Friday.

A worker at the plant on West Jefferson found what appears to have been a kidney or liver –the second such discovery in two days.

Police evidence technicians took the organs to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office to determine its origin: human or animal.

ABC:Carolina Panthers owner to put team up for sale amid misconduct investigation

This has been brewing all year-long beginning with denials back at least as far as March 27.

Reuters: N.Y. Fed raises U.S. fourth-quarter GDP growth view to near 4 percent

CNBC:Economic optimism soars, boosting Trump’s approval rating

The CNBC All-America Economic Survey polled 800 adults across the nation.

For the first time in at least 11 years, more than half of the respondents to the survey rated the economy as good or excellent.

Yahoo: DOW at 24,830

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IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of headlines you care about.
No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff.

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