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NiMB 26: News In My Briefs 12-19-2017

monkey astronaut photoNiMB 12-19-2017

TODAY: NJ to keep spying on sick firefighters. ISIS claims it hacked US Army and State Department, sending assassins to employees’ homes. Mueller to take another year to find Russian collusion in the Trump campaign. House passes sweeping GOP tax bill.Navy pilot, encounter with UFO coast. Boeing to unveil mystery plane that will. ISS expedition 54/55 launches from Baikonur.

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I’m el Dub

Late start today. Thanks to Producer Tim for helping with research.

AP:State to keep spying on sick firefighters despite outcry

A spokeswoman says the state of New Jersey will continue to use private investigators to spy on Atlantic City firefighters who are on medical leave or out sick, despite complaints from the union that it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The state assumed power over Atlantic City government under a takeover signed into law a year ago.

Lisa Ryan, a state spokeswoman, says the private investigator has so far cost the city about $17,000.

Dailymail:ISIS claims it has hacked the US Army and State Department and is sending assassins to employees’ homes in gruesome new propaganda video which declares: ‘Muslims will return to being masters of the world’

About the hacking: everyone has hacked the US government! The Nigerians beat you!

About the employee’s homes nonsense: remember the way you guys kicked our ass at the Garland convention center? Ha! The police kept the Texicans inside. They had to protect y’all’s carcasses!

Bring it to Texas!

Wapo: Mueller may take another year to find Russian collusion in the Trump campaign.

Why? He’s already got all the email. Questionable tho it was. He’s charged people for lying. It’s been a year.

He’s spending millions of our dollars. Where’s the smoking gun?

NBC: House passes sweeping GOP tax bill, Senate to follow [tonight]

WASHINGTON — The House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill on Tuesday that slashes tax rates for corporations, provides new breaks for private businesses, and reorganizes the individual tax code.

With the Senate expected to follow suit as soon as Tuesday night, President Donald Trump could sign the package, dubbed the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, into law before week’s end. It would mark his first significant legislative accomplishment and the biggest tax overhaul in a generation.

SanDiegoTribune:Navy pilot describes 2004 encounter with UFO off San Diego coast

A Navy pilot says he encountered a mysterious aircraft off the coast of San Diego in 2004 and video from the Department of Defense has kicked talk of UFOs and the possibility of alien life into overdrive.

The New York Times shared an interview with now retired Cmdr. David Fravor on Saturday amid news that, for the first time, a spokesperson confirmed that a program to research UFOs existed at the Pentagon. Fravor’s encounter was one the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was investigating, according to reports by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Telegraph:Boeing to unveil mystery plane that will ‘change the future of air power’

This alien noise must be part of the Boeing sales job on the tanker drone.

Yes. The US will be the first to operate a Cylon robot fuel tanker.

Sun:UK Navy’s new £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is LEAKING – and repairs will cost millions
The vast warship is letting in 200 litres of water every hour due to a faulty seal around one of its propeller shafts

RT:ISS expedition 54/55 launches from Baikonur

The Soyuz MS-07 spacecraft lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome with crew members of the International Space Station expedition 54-55. Soyuz’s 136th flight transports Russian Commander Anton Shkaplerov, Japanese Flight Engineer Norishige Kanai and American Flight Engineer Scott D. Tingle to the ISS.

These are the same bad, old Russians we accuse of interfering in our elections. How much are we paying for this taxi service?

Tomorrow let’s look at the Dragon.

Yahoo: DOW at 24,778

We will have a Christmas show on Christmas Day so remember to tune in. It will be a preproduced music show as only we would do.

You can hear me join in for the field and stream report on the nicktherat show Wednesday. Tomorrow.

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IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of headlines you care about.
No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff.

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I’m el Dub.

The little Asian girl just told me that for eye sight, they can give girls and extended pouty nose from Botox to make the nose longer for eye glasses to focus better.

I’ll wait.

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