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NiMB 33: IHATEBROCCOLI.COM Happy 2018! An Introduction to the Show

NiMB 33: Happy 2018!

TODAY: An Introduction to the Show

IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of headlines daily you care about.

No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff.

I’m el Dub

What we do on the NiMB show

We give you six minutes of informative news. Sometimes more. We filter BS and try to find actual news.

Not deconstruction. Half of our audience is of the No Agenda/Infowars mindset and the other half is not. If you want deconstruction of bad news you already get that twice a week.

Not comedy. Good comedy is all about work. We can’t go fishing or hunting if we work too much.

The scope is all news, everywhere. US, Canada, UK, and increasingly the Pacific rim.


I drive to work and I want… the news. Top 40 only gives commercials. News talk gives me editorial opinion. All on the same topic, all day! MSM gives Trump is bad… 2018–who cares??

Local news

HOUSTON – A man has been arrested on multiple charges after police located a small arsenal of guns on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency on Louisiana Street downtown, Houston police said.

The man was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon and trespassing. When investigators looked into his room further, they located an AR-15, a shotgun, a handgun and lots of ammunition, Macintosh said.

#1. No arsenal at all, just clickbait
#2. The drone reporting did zero investigation. (How much is “lots”? 300 rounds would be real light with 3 guns)
#3. By this definition, every cop takes an arsenal to your speeding ticket. Think about that.
#4. There are two Twitter quotes. I can read Twitter on my own.

The only trick this editor missed was saying “guns have been killing people since 2017, when Donald Trump’s coup seized control of the USA. #notmypresident”

Oh but here’s #5. The final paragraph:

A gun show at George R. Brown Convention Center was also held downtown Sunday. There is no information linking the man in this incident to the gun show as of Sunday afternoon.

There were likely show exhibitors at the hotel with ACTUAL arsenals for sale.

There’s a potential #6 in the text that makes it feel like a native ad for the hotel in the piece. Do you want to get your news from commercials? But we don’t have to find yet another problem with the journalism.

That’s five points to humiliate a reporter but no news here.

Japan/Pacific Rim

Welcome! We were surprised to see you guys popping up in our downloads. We need to meet y’all! Send me a note on our contact page at IHATEBROCCOLI.COM.


In case you’ve been working too hard: Christmas hunting is about to close in the Ozarks. Texas has another couple of weekends left.


Today and tomorrow are the best days to fish for a while. Go out in the evenings today and tomorrow. But rig for cold.

In Texas and Louisiana, your best lakes are:

Surface lures and grubs if you can get them. I don’t expect plastic worms to work too well.

Check your levels.

The 2018 Question: Should we do local shows?

If you want coverage in your specific area please tell us. We got a contact page just for you!

Net neutrality by request-short version

1. What we think it is
1. Free communication of all ideas
2. Equal access for everyone
3. But I want Netflix not to buffer
2. What FCC says it is in 2015
1. Control what is legal communication
2. Only the approved companies, creators would actually get the more equal than you treatment
3. Treating internet as utility means licensing, rate limits and penalties. You would have to be licensed and monitored to use social media, for instance. I would have to buy a license to podcast. Another to FaceTime. Another for the website. Another for our chat room. Only corporations could use it then.
3. What it really did before it was canned.
1. Nothing, it was never implemented. Good riddance

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If you missed our Christmas show, go back and listen to it. It was a fun music show as only we would do.

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IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you six minutes of news, usually. But—man—it’s a no news week!

This has been the News in My Briefs from IHATEBROCCOLI.COM.

I’m El Dub

*Intro and Outro music by Steve Combs and freemusicarchive used with permission by attribution under CC3 and CC2

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