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NiMB 38: News In My Briefs 1-8-2018

geffin tower burining from 2017
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NiMB 38: Monday 1-8-2018

TODAY: KPMG resigns from Grenfell Tower inquiry after backlash. Coalition blames ‘technical glitch’ as Houthi rebels claim downing of Saudi jet in Yemen. Michael Moore vows to drill for oil offshore Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort. Fragments of Pirate Paper Discovered and Conserved from Queen Anne’s Revenge.White House Immigration Demands Imperil Bipartisan Talks. Voyager 1 Fires Dormant Thrusters.

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Today’s hat is the maroon Arkansas cap.

Show Notes:

Telegraph:KPMG resigns from Grenfell Tower inquiry after backlash

The move comes after an open letter signed by pop star Lily Allen as well as academics, writers, politicians and campaign groups urged prime minister Theresa May to drop the company from the probe.

They argued that KPMG should not be involved in the process given it is an auditor to Celotex, which made the insulation in the building, Rydon Group, the contractor that refurbished it, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where the tower is based.

RT:Coalition blames ‘technical glitch’ as Houthi rebels claim downing of Saudi jet in Yemen

The coalition has confirmed the loss of the plane, according to a statement carried by Saudi state news agency SPA. The jet belonging to the Saudi Royal Air Force experienced a technical fault and crashed in the war zone. The pilots survived the crash and were evacuated in a special joint search and rescue operation, according to the coalition.

The Saudis do not identify the plane but the rebels do.

The Houthi rebel-affiliated Al-Masirah news outlet claimed the plane in question was hit by “the Yemeni air defense.” The outlet identified the jet as a British-made Panavia Tornado. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the region using warplanes of this type.

Sounds like proof to me! Although, when they don’t say how they shot it down my mind wonders back to rebels in Star Wars, the real one. But when you let your mind wonder, you know they don’t have x-wings… What do you think the rebels were flying?

RT:Michael Moore vows to drill for oil offshore Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort

The article is mostly tweets and I don’t see any mention of a beach-side oil lease. Pretty sure the USA doesn’t do that.

If you have nothing better to do:

NCDCR:Fragments of Pirate Paper Discovered and Conserved from Queen Anne’s Revenge

During conservation work on artifacts recovered from the wreckage of Queen Anne’s Revenge, flagship of the pirate Blackbeard in NC, 16 tiny fragments of paper were discovered in a mass of wet sludge removed from the chamber for a breech-loading cannon.

After many months of research, the fragments were determined to be from a 1712 first edition of a voyage narrative book by Captain Edward Cooke, “A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World, Perform’d in the Years 1708, 1709, 1710 and 1711.”’s-0

NYT:White House Immigration Demands Imperil Bipartisan Talks

President Trump spoke to reporters on Friday, then headed for Camp David to meet with Republican leaders. He seemed to take a hard line on immigration.

Well, yeah.

The White House on Friday presented Congress with an expansive list of hard-line immigration measures, including an $18 billion request to build a wall at the Mexican border, that President Trump is demanding in exchange for protecting young undocumented immigrants.

Hardline immigration measures is dogwhistle for campaign promise, now?


Sky And Telescope:Voyager 1 Fires Dormant Thrusters
(Month old)

That long dormancy came to an end on November 28th, when Voyager 1 test-fired its four backup Trajectory Course Maneuvering thrusters for the first time in 37 years. The thrusters fired in short, 10-millisecond bursts. The signal that the spacecraft had performed the maneuver, which had to travel for 19 hours and 35 minutes back to Earth, successfully arrived at the Deep Space Network in Goldstone, California, on November 29th.


Bill Belichick ‘sees an opening’ to coach Giants: source

Sports writers are notoriously full of poo. This unsourced rumor is only interesting because of news of discontent in the Hoodie’s Kraft castle. Kraft has already contested the claims. More at the link.


Yahoo: DOW 25,257

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