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NiMB 105: He’s Getting A Date! 1-3-2019

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Show Notes:


SHINE:Rapist, murderer of 11 women executed
Gao Chengyong, who raped and murdered 11 women in northwest China, was executed Thursday morning, a court announced on its Weibo account.

He gone.

France24:Sacked aide contradicts French presidency on Macron contacts
Alexandre Benalla, a former campaign bodyguard who got a senior job following Macron’s election victory last year as security advisor, has been dogged by scandal since July when accusations emerged he had roughed up protestors while wearing a police helmet. Impersonating a police officer could have snagged him 3 years in prison.
He was at the centre of more embarrassing headlines for Macron last week when it emerged he had retained his diplomatic passports even after losing his job.
In an interview with investigative website Mediapart, Benalla said Sunday that he continued giving advice to the 41-year-old president via the Telegram messaging app, which the president uses intensively.

TELEGRAPH: Gang steals €2.3m from security van in Italy, ripping the back open ‘like a can of tuna
Italian police are hunting a gang of armed robbers who blocked a motorway with burning vehicles and used a digger to rip open a security van “like a can of tuna” to steal €2.3 million (£2.1 million) in cash.


JAPANTODAY:Man tries to set fire to police officer guarding Crown Princess Masako’s family home
According to police, the incident occurred at around 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Fuji TV reported. The suspect sprayed a female police officer in her 20s with insecticide and tried to ignite it with a lighter. The officer was able to knock the lighter out of the man’s hand and subdue him until help arrived.
The man, who was reportedly drunk, was quoted by police as saying he attacked the officer because he hated police.


SHINE:Russia grants consular access to detained US citizen
Russia has provided consular access to US citizen Paul Whelan who was detained over spying, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

The detention came after Russian citizen Maria Butina pleaded guilty in a Washington court on December 13 to one conspiracy charge, admitting that she acted as an unregistered foreign agent to advance Moscow’s interests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Butina has no ties to Russian intelligence services, and that the whole case against her was unfounded.


DOJ ordered to reply to Twitter lawsuit despite partial government shutdown
U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Rogers ordered the Justice Department to respond to Twitter’s lawsuit by Jan. 18, notwithstanding a lapse of appropriations impacting government business across Washington starting last Saturday, Dec. 22.

Filed in Oct. 2014, Twitter sued the Justice Department after being told that national security concerns prohibited the company from legally revealing the exact number of requests for user data it receives from federal authorities.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Philadelphia grocery store to close, citing city’s soda tax
ShopRite store owner Jeff Brown has hung a banner outside the West Philadelphia market, saying it is closing March 14 as a result of the 1.5-cent per ounce Philadelphia Beverage Tax. He said sales are down about 25 percent since the tax went into effect.

The mayor cited an ongoing study by Harvard University, Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania that indicates “the beverage tax has not affected overall store sales, contrary to other public claims by this supermarket chain.”


REUTERS:China ‘lifts mysterious veil’ by landing probe on far side of the moon
Chinese probe lands, transmits images from far side of moon. The probe, which has a lander and a rover, touched down at a targeted area near the moon’s south pole in the Von Karman Crater after entering the moon’s orbit in mid-December. The control centre in Beijing will decide when to let the rover separate from the lander, state news agency Xinhua said. The probe also took six live species – cotton, rapeseed, potato, arabidopsis, fruit fly and yeast – to the lifeless environment to form a mini biosphere, Xinhua said.


WSJ:Apple Makes Rare Cut to Sales Guidance
APPL is off 9-pct due to guidance regarding 1st Q sales figures cut from $89-93B Q1 with growth to a shrinking sales number of $84B due to China’s demand failing.

I still have my iPhone 6. How many people need to upgrade to a SpyPhone 10? While I love my old MacBook Pro, there is not a major new product I need or want from Apple. But panic has started a market sell-off.

Yahoo: DOW 22,812

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