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NiMB 109: 20,000 Death Stars Orbiting the Earth!

Redneck Chandelier is made from a wooden clothes hangar with two light bulbs wired to it
Redneck Chandelier

Wednesday Jan 9, 2019
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I’m el Dub

Show Notes:
Last night the President of the United States asked again for Congressional support to finish building and repairing the border. Living in a border state I don’t take political sides on it as President Obamas admin built hundreds of miles of border wall (not fence).

If you dont believe the child trafficking and sex crime numbers please send me your correct information.

What i think dc is forgetting about is 5G radiation.

Yesterday i asked for local news. Hat tip to sir Dude named Ned from down under.

Boingboing:Saudi law now requires sending a text to women after their husbands secretly divorce them

In Saudi Arabia, women can only get a divorce after proving abuse in court, but men can simply file — in secret — for a divorce from their wives, and sometimes, they don’t even tell their wives, continuing to live with them so they don’t have to pay alimony, fraudulently using power of attorney to access their funds, etc.

In a giant leap forward for women’s rights, the Saudi government is going to start sending women a text message after their husbands divorce them.

Who do you think is carrying that cell phone, Corey?

Fishing is good in the evening and best for this week in the evenings 9-11th.

Beaver AR +0.8 ft
Blue Mountain AR +15.22 ft
Bull Shoals AR +2.8 ft
Ouachita AR +1.3 ft

Cumberland KY +2 ft
Green River KY +3.5 ft

Broken Bow OK +9 ft
Eufaula OK +3 ft

Sam Rayburn TX +8.6 ft
Tawakoni TX +2 ft
Texoma TX +5.3 ft
Toledo Bend TX +0.8 ft

Solar Weather: SFI 71
Bands 80-20m fair or good

Yahoo: DOW 23657

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