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NiMB 111: Down Under Heatwave!

Wednesday Jan 15 2019
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Show Notes:

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS: New York Times Editor: Falsifies Pew Research
The media watchdog CAMERA took aim at The New York Times this week after the newspaper falsified Pew research in a news analysis alleging a “great schism” between American and Israeli Jewish populations.
Written by the paper’s deputy Washington editor Jonathan Weisman, the Times article claims that Israeli and American Jews “see the world in starkly different ways,” and suggests that “neither side sees the other as caring for its basic well-being.”
“It’s a sweeping hypothesis,” says Gilead Ini, a veteran media analyst at CAMERA. “And yet his analysis doesn’t offer a single statistic to directly substantiate his claim.”
Ini says that the Times editor did cite some polling numbers from the Pew Research Center, “but they are flatly misreported.”
Weisman claimed that “69 percent of Israelis have a positive view of the United States under Mr. [Donald] Trump, up from 49 percent in 2015, according to the Pew Research Center.”
But according to Pew’s 2018 survey, 83 percent of Israelis had a positive view of the U.S. in 2018, the second year of Trump’s presidency, not 69 percent. This is compared to 81 percent in 2015 when Barak Obama was in office—and not, as Weisman reported, 49 percent.

JAPAN TODAY: JOC chief Takeda denies corruption allegations
Tsunekazu Takeda, the president of the Japanese Olympic Committee and a powerful IOC member, has again denied corruption allegations against him, suggesting on Tuesday that any guilt was with others in the bureaucracy at the Japanese body.
Takeda read a seven-minute prepared text and then took no questions from hundreds of media.

The last Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were tumultuous from start to finish and ended eventually with the arrest of organizing committee president – and Brazilian Olympic Committee president -Carlos Nuzman, in a vote-buying scandal.

SMH: Mortality rates expected to rise as heatwave worsens across the state
Emergency services are urging people to keep cool, with mortality rates expected to rise across the state over the coming days.
During a similar heatwave event in 2011, NSW Health saw a 13 per cent rise in mortality as well as a 14 per cent increase in emergency department admissions.
Sydney is expected to peak on Friday with 34 degrees expected for the city and 45 degrees in the west, with record-breaking temperatures upward of 45 degrees in the Riverina region, the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather services manager Jane Golding said.
“We are expecting that heat to creep towards its highest over the next couple of days with little respite before the weekend,” she said.

LATIMES: PG&E to file for bankruptcy as wildfire costs hit $30 billion. Its stock plunges 52%
PG&E Corp. said Monday it plans to seek bankruptcy protection because it faces potential liabilities of $30 billion or more from the deadly California wildfires, a move that halved its already battered stock price and prompted its chief executive to quit.
The filing also might set the stage for PG&E’s sale, though it’s also possible that California lawmakers could eventually attempt to help the company. (GAVIN NEWSOM in particular)
It would be the second time in 18 years that the San Francisco company’s utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, landed in Bankruptcy Court. The utility, but not the parent, filed in 2001 in the aftermath of an energy crisis that gripped the state in 2000-01.

DMN: The No. 1 state for female entrepreneurs isn’t tech-centric California – it’s Texas
Texas came in at the top for entrepreneurial women in the study touting a lack of corporate and income taxes, healthy business and economic environment, good living standards, women’s health care and a “high rate” of startup growth.
Texas jumped to No. 1 from 8th place in a similar study conducted the previous year. The jump can be explained by this year’s study taking into account health and safety for women in each state, according to the company behind the study,
In the top 10, almost half the states are southern. California and New York are not present in the top 10.

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